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Enumeration AddressType

The most common address types used on bitcoin and bitcoin-like networks. Each address type represents a commonly used locking bytecode pattern.


Addresses are strings which encode information about the network and lockingBytecode to which a transaction output can pay.

Several address formats exist – Base58Address was the format used by the original satoshi client, and is still in use on several active chains (see encodeBase58Address). On Bitcoin Cash, the CashAddress standard is most common (See encodeCashAddress).


Enumeration members

Enumeration members


p2pk: = "P2PK"

Pay to Public Key (P2PK). This address type is uncommon, and primarily occurs in early blocks because the original satoshi implementation mined rewards to P2PK addresses.

There are no standardized address formats for representing a P2PK address. Instead, most applications use the AddressType.p2pkh format.


p2pkh: = "P2PKH"

Pay to Public Key Hash (P2PKH). The most common address type. P2PKH addresses lock funds using a single private key.


p2sh: = "P2SH"

Pay to Script Hash (P2SH). An address type which locks funds to the hash of a script provided in the spending transaction. See BIP13 for details.


unknown: = "unknown"

This AddressType represents an address using an unknown or uncommon locking bytecode pattern for which no standardized address formats exist.

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