Interface AuthenticationTemplateScriptLocking

An object describing the configuration for a particular script within an authentication template.




lockingType: "standard" | "p2sh20" | "p2sh32"

Indicates if P2SH20 infrastructure should be used when producing bytecode related to this script. For more information on P2SH20, see BIP16.

When compiling locking scripts of type p2sh20, the result will be placed in a P2SH20 "redeem script" format: OP_HASH160 <$(<lockingBytecode> OP_HASH160)> OP_EQUAL

When compiling unlocking scripts that unlock locking scripts of type p2sh20, the result will be transformed into the P2SH20 unlocking format: unlockingBytecode <lockingBytecode> (where lockingBytecode is the compiled bytecode of the locking script, without the "redeem script" transformation.)

The presence of the lockingType property indicates that this script is a locking script. It must be present on any script referenced by the unlocks property of another script.

name?: string

A single-line, human-readable name for this script (for use in user interfaces).

script: string

The script definition in CashAssembly.

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