Interface CompilationDirectiveUnlocking<CompilerType, CompilationDataType>

Type Parameters

  • CompilerType

  • CompilationDataType



compiler: CompilerType

The Compiler with which to generate bytecode.

data?: CompilationDataType

The CompilationData required to compile the specified script.

script: string

The script ID to compile.

token?: {
    amount: bigint;
    category: Uint8Array;
    nft?: {
        capability: "none" | "mutable" | "minting";
        commitment: Uint8Array;

The CashToken contents of this input. This property is only defined if the input contains one or more tokens. For details, see CHIP-2022-02-CashTokens.

Type declaration

  • amount: bigint

    The number of fungible tokens (of category) held in this output.

    Because Number.MAX_SAFE_INTEGER (9007199254740991) is less than the maximum token amount (9223372036854775807), this value is encoded as a bigint.

  • category: Uint8Array

    The 32-byte ID of the token category to which the token(s) in this output belong in big-endian byte order. This is the byte order typically seen in block explorers and user interfaces (as opposed to little-endian byte order, which is used in standard P2P network messages).

  • Optional nft?: {
        capability: "none" | "mutable" | "minting";
        commitment: Uint8Array;

    If present, the non-fungible token (NFT) held by this output. If the output does not include a non-fungible token, undefined.

    • capability: "none" | "mutable" | "minting"

      The NonFungibleTokenCapability of this non-fungible token.

    • commitment: Uint8Array

      The commitment contents included in the non-fungible token (of category) held in this output.

valueSatoshis: bigint

The satoshis value of the Output being spent by this input. Required for use in signing serializations.

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