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Interface HdPrivateNodeValid

A valid private node in a Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) key tree. This node can be used to derive further nodes, or the private key can be used to generate a wallet address.





chainCode: Uint8Array

32 bytes of additional entropy which can be used to derive HD child nodes.


childIndex: number

The child index at which this node is derived from its parent node (identified via parentFingerprint). Indexes less than 0x80000000 (2147483648) use standard derivation, while indexes equal to or greater than 0x80000000 use the "hardened" derivation algorithm. The maximum index is 0xffffffff (4294967295).

In BIP32 HD derivation paths, hardened indexes are usually represented by subtracting the hardened index offset (2147483648) and appending ' to the child index number. E.g. 0' is a childIndex of 2147483648, and 2' is a childIndex of 2147483650.


depth: number

The depth of this node, between 0 (for master nodes) and 255. E.g. for a path of m/0/0, depth is 2.


parentFingerprint: Uint8Array

The first 4 bytes of the parent node's identifier. This is used to quickly identify the parent node in data structures, but collisions can occur. To resolve collisions, use the full parent identifer. (See deriveHdPublicNodeIdentifier for details.)

Optional parentIdentifier

parentIdentifier: Uint8Array

The full identifer of the parent node. This can be used to resolve collisions where two possible parent nodes share a parentFingerprint. Since the full parentIdentifier is not encoded in BIP32 HD keys, it might be unknown.


privateKey: Uint8Array

This HdPrivateNode's 32-byte valid Secp256k1 private key.


valid: true

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