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Interface TransactionContextCommon

The complete transaction context in which a single transaction input exists.




Optional Readonly correspondingOutput

correspondingOutput: Uint8Array

Readonly locktime

locktime: number

A time or block height at which the transaction is considered valid (and can be added to the block chain). This allows signers to create time-locked transactions which may only become valid in the future.

Readonly outpointIndex

outpointIndex: number

The index (within the previous transaction) of the outpoint being spent by this input.

Readonly outpointTransactionHash

outpointTransactionHash: Uint8Array

The hash/ID of the transaction from which the outpoint being spent by this input originated.

Readonly outputValue

outputValue: Uint8Array

The 8-byte Uint64LE-encoded value of the outpoint in satoshis (see bigIntToBinUint64LE).

Readonly sequenceNumber

sequenceNumber: number

The sequenceNumber associated with the input being validated. See Input.sequenceNumber for details.

Readonly transactionOutpoints

transactionOutpoints: Uint8Array

A.K.A. the serialization for hashPrevouts

The signing serialization of all input outpoints. (See BIP143 or Bitcoin Cash's Replay Protected Sighash spec for details.)

Readonly transactionOutputs

transactionOutputs: Uint8Array

Readonly transactionSequenceNumbers

transactionSequenceNumbers: Uint8Array

Readonly version

version: number

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