Enumeration AuthenticationErrorCommon

Enumeration Members

calledReserved: "Program called an unassigned, reserved operation."
calledReturn: "Program called an OP_RETURN operation."
calledUpgradableNop: "Program called a disallowed upgradable non-operation (OP_NOP1-OP_NOP10)."
checkSequenceUnavailable: "Program called an OP_CHECKSEQUENCEVERIFY operation, but OP_CHECKSEQUENCEVERIFY requires transaction version 2 or higher."
disabledOpcode: "Program contains a disabled opcode."
divisionByZero: "Program attempted to divide a number by zero."
emptyAlternateStack: "Tried to read from an empty alternate stack."
emptyStack: "Tried to read from an empty stack."
exceededMaximumBytecodeLengthLocking: "The provided locking bytecode exceeds the maximum bytecode length (10,000 bytes)."
exceededMaximumBytecodeLengthUnlocking: "The provided unlocking bytecode exceeds the maximum bytecode length (10,000 bytes)."
exceededMaximumOperationCount: "Program exceeded the maximum operation count (201 operations)."
exceededMaximumStackDepth: "Program exceeded the maximum stack depth (1,000 items)."
exceededMaximumStackItemLength: "Program attempted to push a stack item that exceeded the maximum stack item length (520 bytes)."
exceededMaximumVmNumberLength: "Program attempted an OP_BIN2NUM operation on a byte sequence that cannot be encoded within the maximum VM Number length."
exceedsMaximumMultisigPublicKeyCount: "Program called an OP_CHECKMULTISIG that exceeds the maximum public key count (20 public keys)."
failedVerify: "Program failed an OP_VERIFY operation."
incompatibleLocktimeType: "Program called an OP_CHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY operation with an incompatible locktime type. The transaction locktime and required locktime must both refer to either a block height or a block time."
incompatibleSequenceType: "Program called an OP_CHECKSEQUENCEVERIFY operation with an incompatible sequence type flag. The input sequence number and required sequence number must both use the same sequence locktime type."
insufficientLength: "Program called an OP_NUM2BIN operation with an insufficient byte length to re-encode the provided number."
insufficientPublicKeys: "Program called an OP_CHECKMULTISIG operation that requires signatures from more public keys than are provided."
invalidNaturalNumber: "Invalid input: the key/signature count inputs for OP_CHECKMULTISIG require a natural number (n > 0)."
invalidProtocolBugValue: "The OP_CHECKMULTISIG protocol bug value must be a VM Number 0 (to comply with the \"NULLDUMMY\" rule)."
invalidPublicKeyEncoding: "Encountered an improperly encoded public key."
invalidSignatureEncoding: "Encountered an improperly encoded signature."
invalidSplitIndex: "Program called an OP_SPLIT operation with an invalid index."
invalidStackIndex: "Tried to read from an invalid stack index."
invalidTransactionInputIndex: "Program attempted to read from an invalid transaction input index."
invalidTransactionOutputIndex: "Program attempted to read from an invalid transaction output index."
invalidTransactionUtxoIndex: "Program attempted to read from an invalid transaction UTXO index."
invalidVmNumber: "Invalid input: this operation requires a valid VM Number."
locktimeDisabled: "Program called an OP_CHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY operation, but locktime is disabled for this transaction."
malformedLockingBytecode: "The provided locking bytecode is malformed."
malformedP2shBytecode: "Redeem bytecode was malformed prior to P2SH evaluation."
malformedPush: "Program must be long enough to push the requested number of bytes."
malformedUnlockingBytecode: "The provided unlocking bytecode is malformed."
mismatchedBitwiseOperandLength: "Program attempted a bitwise operation on operands of different lengths."
negativeLocktime: "Program called an OP_CHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY or OP_CHECKSEQUENCEVERIFY operation with a negative locktime."
nonEmptyControlStack: "The active bytecode completed with a non-empty control stack (missing `OP_ENDIF`)."
nonMinimalPush: "Push operations must use the smallest possible encoding."
nonNullSignatureFailure: "Program failed a signature verification with a non-null signature (violating the \"NULLFAIL\" rule)."
overflowsVmNumberRange: "Program attempted an arithmetic operation which exceeds the range of VM Numbers."
requiresCleanStack: "Program completed with an unexpected number of items on the stack (must be exactly 1)."
requiresPushOnly: "Unlocking bytecode may contain only push operations."
schnorrSizedSignatureInCheckMultiSig: "Program used a schnorr-sized signature (65 bytes) in an OP_CHECKMULTISIG operation."
unexpectedElse: "Encountered an OP_ELSE outside of an OP_IF ... OP_ENDIF block."
unexpectedEndIf: "Encountered an OP_ENDIF that is not following a matching OP_IF."
unknownOpcode: "Called an unknown opcode."
unmatchedSequenceDisable: "Program called an OP_CHECKSEQUENCEVERIFY operation requiring the disable flag, but the input's sequence number is missing the disable flag."
unsatisfiedLocktime: "Program called an OP_CHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY operation that requires a locktime greater than the transaction's locktime."
unsatisfiedSequenceNumber: "Program called an OP_CHECKSEQUENCEVERIFY operation that requires a sequence number greater than the input's sequence number."
unsuccessfulEvaluation: "Unsuccessful evaluation: completed with a non-truthy value on top of the stack."

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