Enumeration CashTokenDecodingError

Enumeration Members

capabilityWithoutNft: "Invalid token prefix: capability requires an NFT."
commitmentLengthZero: "Invalid token prefix: if encoded, commitment length must be greater than 0."
commitmentWithoutNft: "Invalid token prefix: commitment requires an NFT."
excessiveAmount: "Invalid token prefix: exceeds maximum fungible token amount of 9223372036854775807."
insufficientLength: "Invalid token prefix: insufficient length."
invalidAmountEncoding: "Invalid token prefix: invalid fungible token amount encoding."
invalidCapability: "Invalid token prefix: capability must be none (0), mutable (1), or minting (2)."
invalidCommitment: "Invalid token prefix: invalid non-fungible token commitment."
invalidPrefix: "Error reading token prefix."
noTokens: "Invalid token prefix: must encode at least one token."
reservedBit: "Invalid token prefix: reserved bit is set."
zeroAmount: "Invalid token prefix: if encoded, fungible token amount must be greater than 0."

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