Enumeration Secp256k1Error

Enumeration Members

addTweakPrivateKey: "Private key is invalid or adding failed."
addTweakPublicKey: "Failed to tweak public key (by addition)."
derivePublicKeyFromInvalidPrivateKey: "Cannot derive public key from invalid private key."
mulTweakPrivateKey: "Private key is invalid or multiplying failed."
mulTweakPublicKey: "Failed to tweak public key (by multiplication)."
recoverPublicKeyInvalidMaterial: "Failed to recover public key. The compact signature, recovery, or message hash is invalid."
recoverPublicKeyWithUnparsableSignature: "Failed to recover public key. Could not parse signature."
signWithInvalidPrivateKey: "Failed to sign message hash. The private key is not valid."
unparsablePublicKey: "Failed to parse public key."
unparsableSignature: "Failed to parse signature."

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