Function createCompilationContextCommonTesting

  • This is a meaningless but complete CompilationContextCommon that uses a different value for each property. This is useful for testing and debugging.


    • __namedParameters: {
          inputs?: Input<undefined | Uint8Array, Uint8Array>[];
          locktime?: number;
          outputs?: Output<Uint8Array, Uint8Array>[];
          sourceOutputs?: Output<Uint8Array, Uint8Array>[];
          version?: number;
      } = {}
      • Optional inputs?: Input<undefined | Uint8Array, Uint8Array>[]
      • Optional locktime?: number
      • Optional outputs?: Output<Uint8Array, Uint8Array>[]
      • Optional sourceOutputs?: Output<Uint8Array, Uint8Array>[]
      • Optional version?: number

    Returns CompilationContextCommon

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