Function encodeHdPrivateKey

  • Encode an HD private key (as defined by BIP32) given a valid HdPrivateNode and network.


    • keyParameters: HdKeyParameters<HdPrivateNodeValid>

      a valid HD private node and the network for which to encode the key

    • crypto: {
          sha256: {
              hash: ((input: Uint8Array) => Uint8Array);
      } = ...

      an optional object containing an implementation of sha256 to use

      • sha256: {
            hash: ((input: Uint8Array) => Uint8Array);
        • hash: ((input: Uint8Array) => Uint8Array)
            • (input: Uint8Array): Uint8Array
            • Returns the sha256 hash of the provided input.

              To incrementally construct a sha256 hash (e.g. for streaming), use init, update, and final.


              • input: Uint8Array

                a Uint8Array to be hashed using sha256

              Returns Uint8Array

    Returns string

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