Function extendCompilationDataWithScenarioBytecode

  • Extend a CompilationData object with the compiled result of the bytecode scripts provided by an AuthenticationTemplateScenarioData.

    Type Parameters


    • __namedParameters: {
          compilationData: CompilationData<CompilationContext>;
          configuration: Configuration;
          scenarioDataBytecodeScripts: {
              [fullIdentifier: string]: string;
      • compilationData: CompilationData<CompilationContext>

        The compilation data to extend.

      • configuration: Configuration

        The compiler configuration in which to compile the scripts.

      • scenarioDataBytecodeScripts: {
            [fullIdentifier: string]: string;

        The bytecode property.

        • [fullIdentifier: string]: string

    Returns string | CompilationData<CompilationContext>

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