Function hmacSha256

  • Create a hash-based message authentication code using HMAC-SHA256 as specified in RFC 4231. Returns a 32-byte Uint8Array.

    Secrets longer than the block byte-length (64 bytes) are hashed before use, shortening their length to the minimum recommended length (32 bytes). See RFC 2104 for details.


    • secret: Uint8Array

      the secret key (recommended length: 32-64 bytes)

    • message: Uint8Array

      the message to authenticate

    • sha256: {
          hash: ((input) => Uint8Array) & ((input) => Uint8Array);
      } = internalSha256

      an implementation of Sha256 (defaults to the internal WASM implementation)

      • hash: ((input) => Uint8Array) & ((input) => Uint8Array)

    Returns Uint8Array

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