Function importWalletTemplate

  • Safely parse and validate a wallet template, returning either an error message as a string or a valid WalletTemplate. The template may be provided either as an untrusted JSON string or as a pre-parsed object.

    This method validates both the structure and the contents of a template:

    • All properties and sub-properties are verified to be of the expected type.
    • The template contains no unknown properties.
    • The ID of each entity, script, and scenario is confirmed to be unique.
    • Script IDs referenced by entities and other scripts (via unlocks) are confirmed to exist.
    • The derivation paths of each HdKey are validated against each other.

    This method does not validate the CashAssembly contents of scripts (by attempting compilation, evaluating WalletTemplateScriptTests, or testing scenario generation).


    • untrustedJsonOrObject: unknown

      the JSON string or object to validate as a wallet template

    Returns string | WalletTemplate

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