Type alias AuthenticationVirtualMachineIdentifier

AuthenticationVirtualMachineIdentifier: "BCH_2020_05" | "BCH_2021_05" | "BCH_2022_05" | "BCH_2023_05" | "BCH_SPEC" | "BSV_2020_02" | "BSV_SPEC" | "BTC_2017_08" | "BTC_SPEC" | "XEC_2020_05" | "XEC_SPEC"

Allowable identifiers for authentication virtual machine versions. The BCH prefix identifies the Bitcoin Cash network, the XEC prefix identifies the eCash network, the BSV prefix identifies the Bitcoin SV network, and the BTC prefix identifies the Bitcoin Core network. VM versions are named according to the date they were deployed on the indicated network.

For each network prefix, a _SPEC VM version is reserved to indicate that the template requires a custom, not-yet-deployed VM version (e.g. one or more CHIPs). By convention, templates marked for _SPEC VMs should indicate their requirements in the template description. After deployment of the _SPEC VM, when template compatibility is verified, the template's supported array should be updated to indicate compatibility with the live VM version.

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