Type alias CompilationDirectiveUnlocking<CompilerType, CompilationDataType>

CompilationDirectiveUnlocking<CompilerType, CompilationDataType>: CompilationDirectiveLocking<CompilerType, CompilationDataType> & {
    token?: Output["token"];
    valueSatoshis: Output["valueSatoshis"];

Type Parameters

  • CompilerType

  • CompilationDataType

Type declaration

  • Optional token?: Output["token"]

    The CashToken contents of this input. This property is only defined if the input contains one or more tokens. For details, see CHIP-2022-02-CashTokens.

  • valueSatoshis: Output["valueSatoshis"]

    The value in satoshis of the Output being spent by this input. Required for use in signing serializations.

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