Type alias CompilerOperation<CompilationContext, CanBeSkipped, Data, Configuration>

CompilerOperation<CompilationContext, CanBeSkipped, Data, Configuration>: ((identifier: string, data: Data, configuration: Configuration) => CompilerOperationResult<CanBeSkipped>)

Type Parameters

Type declaration

    • (identifier: string, data: Data, configuration: Configuration): CompilerOperationResult<CanBeSkipped>
    • A compiler operation method that accepts the identifier being evaluated, the compilation data, and the compiler configuration, and returns a CompilerOperationResult.


      • identifier: string

        The full identifier used to describe this operation, e.g. owner.signature.all_outputs.

      • data: Data

        The CompilationData provided to the compiler

      • configuration: Configuration

        The CompilerConfiguration provided to the compiler

      Returns CompilerOperationResult<CanBeSkipped>

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