Type alias OutputTemplate<CompilerType, EnableFeeEstimation, CompilationDataType>

OutputTemplate<CompilerType, EnableFeeEstimation, CompilationDataType>: Output<CompilationDirectiveLocking<CompilerType, CompilationDataType> | Uint8Array, EnableFeeEstimation extends true
    ? Uint8Array | undefined
    : Uint8Array>

An output that may optionally use a CompilationDirectiveLocking as its lockingBytecode property. During compilation, the final lockingBytecode will be generated from this directive.

If EnableFeeEstimation is true, the valueSatoshis value may also be undefined (as estimated transactions always set output values to excessiveSatoshis).

Type Parameters

  • CompilerType

  • EnableFeeEstimation = false

  • CompilationDataType = CompilationData<never>

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