Type alias ScenarioGenerationDebuggingResult<ProgramState>

ScenarioGenerationDebuggingResult<ProgramState>: {
    lockingCompilation: CompilationResult<ProgramState>;
    scenario: Scenario | string;
    unlockingCompilation?: CompilationResult<ProgramState>;

A scenario generation result that includes all compilation information for the scripts under test (in the scenario's "slot"s). This allows wallet template editors to display debugging information in context.

Note, scenarios can also include compilations for source outputs, inputs, and outputs that are not under test – while debugging information is not provided for these other compilations, any errors will result in scenario being set to an error message (string).

Type Parameters

  • ProgramState

Type declaration

  • lockingCompilation: CompilationResult<ProgramState>

    The locking script, redeem script, or virtualized locking script compilation result.

  • scenario: Scenario | string

    Either the compiled scenario or an error message describing the scenario generation failure.

  • Optional unlockingCompilation?: CompilationResult<ProgramState>

    The unlocking script or virtualized unlocking script compilation result. May be undefined if scenario generation failed prior to unlocking compilation (due to a failure in source output or transaction output compilation).

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