Type alias WalletImportFormatType

WalletImportFormatType: "mainnet" | "mainnetUncompressed" | "testnet" | "testnetUncompressed"

The network and address format in which a WIF-encoded private key is expected to be used.

WIF-encoding is generally used to encode private keys for Pay to Public Key (P2PKH) addresses – each WIF-encoded private key specifies the compression of the public key to use in the P2PKH address:

  • The values mainnet and testnet indicate that the address should use the compressed form of the derived public key (33 bytes, beginning with 0x02 or 0x03) on the respective network.
  • The less common mainnet-uncompressed and testnet-uncompressed values indicate that the address should use the uncompressed form of the public key (65 bytes beginning with 0x04) on the specified network.

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