Function encodeBip39Mnemonic

  • Encode the provided entropy in an English BIP39 mnemonic phrase. Reverses decodeBip39Mnemonic.

    Even for localized applications, English is the safest choice for BIP39 mnemonic phrase encoding. English mnemonic phrases are the most widely used and supported by ecosystem tooling, meaning they can be more reliably error corrected than phrases using other word lists, and they are more likely to be recognized as valuable by humans and generalized automation, e.g. organizational secret scanning and anti-exfiltration software. Note also that specialized exfiltration efforts are unlikely to be thwarted by obscuring mnemonic phrases with localized or custom word lists; instead, consider using a passphrase during seed derivation.

    If the provided entropy is a valid length, this method will never error.

    To use other word lists, see encodeBip39MnemonicNonStandard.


    • entropy: Uint8Array

      the entropy (length must be 16, 20, 24, 28, or 32 bytes)

    Returns string | Bip39MnemonicResult

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