Type alias TransactionTemplate<CompilerType, EnableFeeEstimation, CompilationDataType>

TransactionTemplate<CompilerType, EnableFeeEstimation, CompilationDataType>: TransactionCommon<InputTemplate<CompilerType, EnableFeeEstimation, CompilationDataType>, OutputTemplate<CompilerType, EnableFeeEstimation, CompilationDataType>>

A Transaction that may optionally use compilation directives in place of lockingBytecode and unlockingBytecode instances. During transaction generation, VM bytecode will be generated from these directives.

If EnableFeeEstimation is true, all input directives must include an estimate scenario ID, and the valueSatoshis value of each output may also be undefined (as estimated transactions always set output values to excessiveSatoshis).

Type Parameters

  • CompilerType

  • EnableFeeEstimation = false

  • CompilationDataType = CompilationData<never>

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