Enumeration HdNodeDerivationError

An error in the derivation of child HD public or private nodes.

Enumeration Members

childIndexExceedsMaximum: "HD key derivation error: child index exceeds maximum (4294967295)."
hardenedDerivationRequiresPrivateNode: "HD key derivation error: derivation for hardened child indexes (indexes greater than or equal to 2147483648) requires an HD private node."
invalidDerivationPath: "HD key derivation error: invalid derivation path - paths must begin with \"m\" or \"M\" and contain only forward slashes (\"/\"), apostrophes (\"'\"), or positive child index numbers."
invalidPrivateDerivationPrefix: "HD key derivation error: private derivation paths must begin with \"m\"."
invalidPublicDerivationPrefix: "HD key derivation error: public derivation paths must begin with \"M\"."
nextChildIndexRequiresHardenedAlgorithm: "HD key derivation error: an incredibly rare HMAC-SHA512 result occurred, and incrementing the child index would require switching to the hardened algorithm."

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